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    300ȭ ̰ C mount ī޶


    Hardware Configuration
    Scan ModeProgressive
    Max. Resolution2048 x 1536 (Approx.3,200,000 Pixels)
    Sensor Size1/2 (6.55mm(H) x 4.92mm(V), Diagonal 8.19mm)
    Pixel Size3.2m x 3.2m
    A/D Converter10-bit, 8-Bit R.G.B to PC
    SN Ratio43dB
    Spectral Range400-650nm (with IR-filter)
    Frame Size and Rate8fps @2048 x 1536, 22fps @1024 x 768, 43fps @680 x 510 (Multiple Speed Level)
    Binning1 x 1, 2 x 2, 3 x 3
    ExposureElectronic Rolling Snap(ERS),0.128~2000ms, ROI Auto & Manual
    Color Rendering TechniqueUltra FineTM Color Engine
    White BalanceOne Push ROI White Balance/ Manual Temp-Tint Adjustment
    Capture/Control APINative C/C++ SDK, DirectShow, Twain
    Capture ModeStill Picture and Video
    Software Environment
    Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 (32 & 64 bit)
    PC RequirementsCPU: Equal to Intel Core2 2.8GHz or Higher
    Memory:2GB or More
    USBPort:USB2.0 High-speed Port
    Operating Environment
    Operating Temperature-0~60
    Storage Temperature-40~125
    Operating Humidity30~80%RH
    Storage Humidity10~60%RH
    Power SupplyOver USB Port


    Sensor & Size(mm)3.1M/MT9T001© & 1/2"(6.55x4.92)
    Dynamic Range / SN Ratio61dB / 43dB
    FPS/Resolution12@2048x1536, 43@1024x768, 83@680x510
    Body Size29mmX29mmX29mm(Without  Connections)
    Spectral Range380-650nm (with IR-filter)
    White BalanceROI White Balance/ Manual Temp-Tint Adjustment
    Color Rendering TechniqueUltra-Fine Color Engine
    Capture/Control APINative C/C++, C#/VB.NET, Directshow, Twain, Labview
    Recording SystemStill Picture and Movie
    Cooling System*Natural
    USB Cable ConnectionUSB Cable Including Locking Screw
    User IOIO with Optocoupler Isolation(Trigger and Flash)
    Continuous Capture ModeVideo Mode
    Single Capture ModeHard Trigger or Soft Trigger
    Operating Temperature-10~ 50
    Storage Temperature-20~ 60
    Operating Humidity30~80%RH
    Storage Humidity10~60%RH
    Power SupplyDC 5V over PC USB Port
    Operating SystemXP / Vista / 7 /8 /10 (32 & 64 bit)
    OS X (Mac OS X), Linux
    PC RequirementsCPU: Equal to Intel Core2 2.8GHz or Higher
    Memory: 2GB or More
    USB port: USB2.0 High-speed Port
    Display: 17" or Larger


    TypeCMOS progressive scan
    ResolutionH : 2048, V : 1536
    Pixel size3.20 m X 3.20 m
    Frame rate10 fps @ full resolution, UP to 35.5 fps @ 1024 x 768
    Sensitivity5 lx at 1/30s, gain 20 dB
    Exposure time100 s ~ 2 sec
    White balanceAuto / Manual
    Lens mountC/Cs mount
    Features & Benefits
    A basic software supportCapture-which is free to run AcquCAM3
    C/Cs mountAttachment is very easy in any kind of C/Cs mount 
    Easy way to observeLive video preview provides for real-time focus
    Auto and manual white balance
    Getting a better imageLower fixed pattern noise
    Operating system2000, XP and Vista(32/64 bit) operating system
    Image sensorColor, progressive scan, 3.0 Megapixel CMOS sensor
    OthersUSB2.0 cable
    3.2 m square pixels 
    FCC Class B, CE ready
    RGC bayer video output
    Direct show compatible, record preview image as movie file
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