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    In this Ion exchanger, the substrate is dipped in a melt placed inside the heater. Temperature of the heater can be controlled and fixed up to 400°C from ambient. Speed, duration, etc. are maintained accurately by computer control. Movements are achieved by a precision servo / stepper motor controlled linear stage.

    The system has a user friendly front panel with key board and LCD display. It can as well be controlled through a computer. Dip duration, dip speed, withdrawal speed etc. are programmable features.

    Servo motor (Optional) is used as actuator for vibration free dipping and withdrawal. The device is designed and manufactured as table top device with entire electronics and servo motor housed in a compact unit. Height of the substrate holder can be adjusted with respect to the level of the solution during the experiment.



    Actuator : Stepper motor (Servo - Optional)
    Drive mechanism : Precision rolled ball screw
    Speed control : Available
    Power input : 230V, 50Hz
    PC connectivity : Serial port (RS 232)
    Stroke length max. : 150mm
    Drawing speed min. : 2 micron/sec
    Drawing speed max. : 9000 micron/sec


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