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    Holmarc’s Spin Coating unit, Model no: HO-TH-05 is a dedicated tabletop system to spin coat small substrates in research laboratories with well controlled spin process parameters. The spin head actuator is a precision DC servo motor with accurate speed and acceleration control. A vacuum chuck powered by oil-less vacuum pump holds the substrate at the spinning head.

    The device has user friendly front panel having keyboard and LCD for programming the spin process. Spin duration, spin speed, acceleration, etc. are all programmable parameters through the front panel. The device is compact and complete with electronics built into the unit within a footprint of 275 x 400 mm. All components in the device are corrosion protected to make it clean room compatible. The spin
    chamber is constructed in nylon. A transparent cover on top of the chamber protects the surroundings by keeping the spin off solution inside

    Spin coating has been used for several decades for the preparation of thin films. A typical process involves depositing a small puddle of fluid resin onto the center of a substrate and then spinning the substrate at high speed. Centripetal acceleration will cause the resin to spread to and eventually off the edge of the substrate leaving a thin film of resin on the surface. Final film thickness and other properties depend on the nature of the resin (Viscosity, dying rate, surface tension etc.) and the parameters chosen for the spin process.






    Brushless DC motor

    Spinning speed


    10 - 8000 rpm

    Maximun substrate size


    50 mm diameter.

    Power input


    230V, 50Hz

    Read out


    20 x 4 line LCD



    5 - 2000 rpm / sec

    Spinning speed Accuracy


    < 5%

    Programmable parameters


    Speed , acceleration, dwell time and
    number of steps

    Maximum no of steps



    Program memory


    9 programs (non–volatile)


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