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    Spray Pyrolysis Equipment

     Model : HO-TH-04

    Holmarc’s Spray Pyrolysis system has been designed for research laboratories in thin films, especially for solar cell development. The system automates various fatigue and error creating processes involved in the technique when performed manually. Moreover, ergonomically designed
    chamber provides clean and healthy atmosphere suitable for modern lab conditions.

    Parameters like dispensing rate of the solution and speed of spray head movement which are difficult to control manually are controlled precisely by PC based automation. A positive displacement pump controlled by stepper motor and microprocessor is used to dispense solution as per requirement. The spray head movement is also controlled by stepper motor driven linear stages in X and Y direction. The temperature of the substrate heater plate is controlled independently through a dedicated controller.

    A desk top computer with windows OS is used to control the operations through serial port. Our dedicated software for spray pyrolysis system can as well be used for documenting the relevant parameters used for sample preparation like temperature, air pressure, duration, etc.

    New Ultrasonic spray head available !!!


    Actuator : Stepper motor
    Dispensing unit capacity : 50ml & 250ml
    Dispensing rate : 1-10ml/min.
    Drive speed X axis (min-max) : 10-800mm/sec
    Drive speed Y axis (min-max) : 1-12mm/sec
    Sprayer traverse : X - Y 200mm max.
    Substrate base plate
    Dimension : 150 X 150mm
    Max. temperature : 500°C
    Power input : 230V, 50Hz
    PC connectivity : Serial port (RS 232)



    50 & 250 Glass Container
    Syringe Pump
    Ultrasonic Spray head


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