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    SILAR coating system

     Model No: HO-TH-03

    Holmarc’s SILAR Coating System has been designed to automate the entire process to avoid operator fatigue and errors associated with it. 

    In manual SILAR process, the operator has to perform hundreds of repetitive dipping into the solution and water. 

    It is very difficult to control dip duration and number of dips in a manual process which can last hours.

    In this system, thin film is deposited on glass substrate following a chemical technique called Successive Ion Layer Adsorption and Reaction (SILAR). 

    The process involves multiple dipping of the substrate in a given solution and deionized water, temperature of both can vary from case to case. 

    In the automated unit, the operator need just to clamp the subtract into the holder and program the controller with required dip cycles and duration. 

    When the process is over, a buzzer will intimate the operator. 

    This device can be customized as per requirement




    Actuator : Stepper motor
    Drive mechanism : Lead screw
    Dip duration : 0 - 99 seconds / minutes / hours
    Number of dips : 1 - 999
    Hot Plate temperature : Ambient to 80
    Power input : 230V, 50Hz
    PC connectivity : Serial port (RS 232)
    Stroke length : 75mm

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