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    IPEX RX와 IPLEX RT는 경량형 산업용 비디오내시경으로

    PulsarPic image processor를 통해 어두운 곳에서도 노이즈가 적고 선명한 화질로 검사가 가능.


     LED 광원의 밝기는 기존 제품 대비 약 2배 향상, 물체로부터 반사되는 빛을 감지해 자동적으로 이미지의 적절한 밝기를 조절해 주는 혁신적인 기술이 탑재.

    anti-reflective daylight-view 6.5인치 대형 모니터를 통해 최고 수준의 이미지를 구현해 작은 결함도 놓치지 않는 완성도 높은 검사를 보장한다고


    Exceptional Image Quality to Improve Inspection Quality


    Our Best Image Quality

    The IPLEX RX and RT feature the best image quality of our videoscopes. Our unique PulsarPic™ image processor reduces noise and sharpens images, resulting in the exceptionally high resolution image.
    The IPLEX RX and RT faithfully and brightly reproduce very small defects, and the sharp and clear images enable accurate and reliable inspections.

    Sharp and clear images with less noise

    Drill Hole
    Drill Hole 

    Bearing of wind gearbox
    Bearing of wind gearbox



    2X Brighter Illumination System

    The IPLEX RX and RT feature a new LED illumination system that is approximately twice as bright as conventional videoscopes, while dynamically adjusting light output to reduce halation when metal or reflective surfaces are inspected.
    The PulsarPic™ image processor interacts intelligently with our illumination system to deliver an optimized amount of light and gain enhancement to provide images that are very clear and sharply defined.


    Accurate images of both dark and light area

    Turbine blades
    Turbine blades

    Combustion chamber
    Combustion chamber



    Still Images and Movies as Crisp as Live Images

    Comparison of image sizes

    The IPLEX RX and RT can record inspected images to a removable USB flash drive as JPEG still images and MPEG–4 movies.
    The improved image quality of recorded images and movies enables accurate image diagnosis not only in the field but also at the office with the use of our free image management software, InHelp viewer.


    Large Monitor Providing Easy Yet Accurate Inspections


    The compact IPLEX RX and RT are equipped with a 6.5 in. monitor. The large monitor displays small defects clearly from a comfortable distance for inspectors for easy identification.


    Optimized Image Gradation

    The IPLEX RX features our unique image processing capability, WiDER™, which brings out the darkest areas of an image without washing out the details of the brighter regions. The innovative technology provides optimum inspections of large areas or even highly reflective areas.
    In addition, the IPLEX RX is equipped with sharpness and color adjustment functions to create optimal images depending on objects and applications.

    Sharpness: Level ‐1
    Color: Standard/ Normal gain setting
    Sharpness: Level 2
    Color: Vivid/ WiDER
    gain setting


    Operation With Ease for All Remote Visual Applications


    Compact and Portable Design

    The IPLEX RX and RT weigh just 2.9 kg/ 6.4 lb including the two‐hour operating Li‐ion battery. The compact and portable design allows you not only to easily ship or transport the IPLEX RX and RT to inspection sites but to smoothly carry them to difficult-to-access locations.

    The IPLEX RX carried up a ladder with a shoulder strap
    The compact and neat design is easy to carry with one hand


    Comfortable Inspections in Optimal Styles

    The versatile design of the IPLEX RX and RT offers comfortable use to almost anyone. The pivoting handle of the monitor can change into a stand during inspections, and allows you to place the videoscope wherever you want to optimize viewing distance and angles. The video output capability of the IPLEX RX and RT enables inspections in a group or from remote locations by connecting the external monitor. Furthermore, the IPLEX RX and RT can be used while being carried with a shoulder belt or connected onto a tripod.


    The same inspected image is shared between two operators with an external display connected to the IPLEX RX for remote observation
    The IPLEX RX sits on a surface using its pivoting handle to angle the image just right


    Smooth and Accurate Approach to a Target

    TrueFeel articulation providing a precise and controlled bend at the distal end

    The innovative articulation technologies equipped on the IPLEX RX and RT allow for smooth and accurate approaches to the most demanding inspection paths.
    The improved TrueFeel™ articulation controller features precise and quick scope tip articulation by just light-touch operation, achieving smooth navigation through intricate paths.
    The insertion tube is designed with the unique Tapered Flex™ to optimize both the scope stiffness and flexibility for excellent scope maneuverability.


    Quick and Easy Operation

    The handheld controller boasting Quick Access keys capable of over 14 actions in a single touch

    The most common operations such as scope articulation, image adjustment and recording can be easily activated by pressing dedicated Quick Access keys on the lightweight handset. The menu setting of the IPLEX RX and RT is simplified for easy and quick operation.


    User‐friendly Menu Icons

    The IPLEX RX intuitive menu shows the options for image overlay

    All menus of the IPLEX RX and RT are displayed with easy‐to‐understand icons. An inspector can intuitively recognize the menus and efficiently operate the desired feature or setting.


    Rugged and Durable for Reliable Performance Even in Harsh Environments


    Robust Body


    The IPLEX RX and RT pass the impact tests including vibration and drop from a height of 1.2 m/ 3.9 ft.
    The tough system compliant with Military Standards withstands rough treatment and ensures reliable operation in difficult environments.


    Operable in All Weather


    The IPLEX RX and RT comply with internationally recognized Military Standards (MIL‐STD‐810F/G and MIL-STD‐461F)* as well as IP55, passing a range of severe environmental tests, such as blowing rain/dust, high humidity, and icing rain. In addition, the daylight view monitor featuring low-reflection displays clear images even under bright sunlight.
    *Reference specification page for MIL-STD compliance details


    High‐durability Insertion Tube

    Special processed tungsten braid

    Operators are often required to inspect objects inside narrow paths with rough or sharp surfaces. The insertion tube of the IPLEX RX and RT has a crush and abrasion-proof design and is covered with a tough, special processed tungsten braid.
    In addition, the IPLEX RX insertion tube features high temperature resistant up to 100 °C/ 212 °F. A high temperature sensor beeps and display visual warning to prevent overheating.


    Advanced Functionality to Provide Outstanding Inspection Accuracy and Work Efficiency


    Stereo Measurement for Reliable Inspection

    (to be released in 2014)

    Our advanced Stereo Measurement technology offers outstanding reliability and accuracy for your inspections. By capturing image information through two parallax lenses, the IPLEX RX permits accurate measurement of almost any object from any angle.
    Additionally, our unique Spot‐Ranging™ feature on the IPLEX RX, the industry's only real‐time tip‐to‐target distance measurement tool, navigates the scope tip to the optimum distance from a target for the most precise measurement on the first try.

    Depth measurement accomplished with the IPLEX RX Stereo Measurement
    Principle of Stereo Measurement technology


    InHelp™ Inspection Assist Software

    Optional report generation can be added to compliment the InHelp software

    InHelp, the inspection data management and reporting* software, streamlines many aspects of remote visual inspections with the IPLEX RX and RT. The software greatly improves work efficiency and simplifies inspections by organizing stored images on the IPLEX RX and RT, generating detailed inspection reports* on a PC with simple click operation
    *Report generating function is an option.


    Instruction Manual Display

    Comparison display between an inspected image and PDF document

    IPLEX RX has a function to display PDF document. Instead of alternately facing printed inspection manuals and inspected images, you can see both of them on the IPLEX RX monitor at once. This unique capability improves your inspection speed and efficiency.

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